Water Wisdom: A Journey of Discovery

Water Wisdom is presented by the author with the hope that it might resonate in some small way with something deep within the reader; helping each to reconnect with an inner voice, their guide that waits in plain view, but is often hidden by the noise of the world. This guide is in reality one’s true Self. In deep silence our higher mind touches the Soul and in that instant all is revealed. That is why we all need to retire from time to time from the world and in quiet contemplation replenish ourselves. This journey when understood is a great joy. It may seem long but it is not a journey of distance. It is a journey of mental adjustment. It is a journey of realization.

This is the quest that our hero, Hall, finds himself on in Water Wisdom. This is the quest, which, all of us uniquely find ourselves on today.

Pinnacle Book Achievement Award
Most Inspirational 2017



“Somehow the world has chosen to embrace the theories of randomness, chance, and survival of the fittest, to the exclusion of the spirit and consciousness.”

Time Ripples A Gift of Love

Time Ripples is a gift of love for those who find their way to its pages. Through poetry, prose and essay it addresses many of the issues and circumstances we all encounter during our daily journeys. Many of life’s gifts and challenges are dealt with on the pages of this book, which is offered as a companion or friend to accompany us as we weave our way together through this reality. Though it does not always seem so, this is a journey to be enjoyed. Remember that it is only for a brief moment that we find ourselves here, before our Soul directs us to another adventure, a new experience of ever increasing purity and reflection of God’s great plan. The deep mystery, which we all know at a certain level, but have forgotten, is that we are an intimate part of this plan, co-creators of our own reality. And as co-creators, we are wholly capable of healing its inconsistencies and other miscreation resulting from confused thoughts and foggy sight.

Time Ripples is comprised of thoughts and inspirations which occurred to the author during meditation and prayer over many years. We all have access to these ideas. We have only to quiet the noisy confusion of our minds through patient meditation and ultimately, contemplation. The poems and essays contained herein are presented as meditative seed thoughts which can be used by the reader, along with their own inspirations, to find a place of peace within, so that each day can be a reminder of our intimate and critical place in God’s created cosmos. As Kahlil Gibran points out in his classic The Prophet, we are, “boundless drops in a boundless ocean.”

Pinnacle Book Achievement Award
Most Inspirational 2018


“These simple thoughts, poems and essays are presented with the hope that they stir something deep inside, helping each of us to reconnect with our inner voice or guide, a guide who waits silently and patiently to be recognized.”